Voices from the Fallen takes us on an intimate journey inside the lives of people who have experienced the hell of addiction, the relentless defeat of relapse, and hope of recovery.

Listen to them speak about fear and desperation, hope and optimism. Sit with them in solitary misery, feel their grief over a lost family member, and share their joy with the promise of a renewed life.

Listen closely, for these courageous voices come from those all around us, and can help rebuild shattered families, restore broken hearts, and save lives.

“This was amazing.  I didn’t just read these stories, I intensely felt them.  My heart was pulled out and put it through the wringer. I seriously was broken reading this.”
Jason Campbell,
President, JC Films
“If, like so many others, you've lost sight of your own life in the drama of tending to someone else's addiction, you may find yourself in this book. Fantastic job taking us into the mind of the addict.”
Dean Cain
Actor, Producer
“Voices from the Fallen opens the eyes to the rollercoaster ride for the addicted, as well as the impact on loved ones that must anguish through the daily battle. Mike Tourville illuminates the importance of this problem, which permeates every level of our society. A must read…”
West Springfield Police
Paul Connor
West Springfield Chief of Police
“These hard-hitting experiences have the potential to save lives. The extraordinary courage of these individuals and family members goes above and beyond normal expectations. This book is essential reading for those who are at risk or know anyone who may be.
William Sapelli,
Mayor of Agawam, Massachusetts